Meet the CEO
Contribution to human well-being through research and development of medicines!
  • We strive to "help" other people overcoming diseases and provide life and health.
    With 20 years of medical field experiences and research,
    we begin a new challenge for “original technology to develop biomedical products."
  • We PHI BioMed have research development and
    medical experiences, in which we have formatted a solid structure to grow into
    a worldwide life engineering corporation.
    We will achieve our goal in collaboration with elite local and global pharmaceutical companies.
  • We will improve the status of Korean biopharmaceutical
    industry to compete with the global biopharmaceutical
    companies and become the global leader which
    supports economy of the country.
  • Desiring “value”
    With a heart for “devotion”
    We will do our utmost to “share”.
  • We will support economy of the country.
    Contribute to humanity
    And will be with you, the community.
  • Thank you.