Joint development of biomedical products in collaboration with Shinpoong Pharmaceutical, Genexine, and LG Life Sciences
  • We made a technology transfer contract with Shinpoong Pharmaceutical for the commercialization of Medicurtain® and have received the royalty of 2% for total annual sales. We won a Korean President Award at Korea Invention Patent Exhibition in 2015. A hyaluronic acid hydrogel filler for plastic surgery and synovial joints was developed and is being processed for commercialization in 2017 with pre-clinical and clinical trials. Also, hyaluronic acid – interferon alpha conjugate was developed for the treatment for hepatitis-C virus infection. Currently, we develop hyaluronic acid – growth hormones (vaccines) conjugates, using growth hormones provided from LG Life Sciences. Also, in collaboration with Genexine, a customized cell therapy using self-assembling hyaluronic acid hydrogel is also being developed for the treatment of intractable diseases. With these research results, we won a Ministry of Education Award in 2013. Recently, we have developed smart contact lens in collaboration with Harvard Medical School by carrying out Samsung Science & Technology Foundation project. We are currently working for its commercialization together with Interojo and LG Innotek.